About Me

Hi there! Glad, you could join me. My Name is Anastasia Sinkevich. I am currently a senior studying Business Management at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am originally from California but the endless opportunities of adventure are what led me to Reno.

Making the transition from the hustling and bustling pace of the bay area to the slower pace of the biggest little city in the world wasn’t an easy one. I always came to find that I had too much time on my hands.  Having too much time on your hands often puts people in a weird place that is often times hard to dig out of. One thing that I was able to bring with me to school to dig out of the rut was my joy of cooking.

My parents taught my siblings and I how to cook at a very young age. Whether it was just helping to peel vegetables or help mashed potatoes, we were all a part of the dinner routine together. After helping my parents do the odd tasks for cooking, we would all sit at the table for dinner as a family. This is how we bonded and stayed in touch with each other. Our dinner tradition still continues as I visit back home while taking the weekend off from school. However, the only thing that has changed more recently is that my siblings and I are the ones who try to cook instead of my parents doing all the cooking. I am always up for the challenge of cooking, trying new things here and there. Clearly cooking has had a huge impact on who I am today. It is one of my foundations that I rely heavily on. So, I decided to take all the time I had in Reno and use that time to dive into new recipes’ while at school. After cooking for numerous people and getting endless questions of “how do you make this?”. Naturally, I decided to tackle the task of blogging about it!

This blog will provide you as a reader, numerous recipes that include back stories that will hopefully give some inspiration to unwind and dine through cooking.

As the French say, “Bon Appetite”!