Do We Need to Count?

In the United States, we have very different eating habits versus eating habits in other countries. Let me explain. In the United Sates we count our carbs and calories. If we hit a certain number thresh hold, we tend to not eat anymore because we have reached our limit. It’s such an unhealthy habit to have. But sadly to say we have outside influences that feed this unhealthy habit. Have you ever noticed that on some food menus they have a total number of calories listed for the meal you would be ordering? When did this start occurring?

Recently, I have had the opportunity to travel abroad to Russia in order to visit my extended family. Their “eating” culture is very different compared to ours. I noticed myself saying, “No I have had two already!”, when being offered more food to eat. That was really looked down upon. My aunt would often give me the same reply, “stop counting and enjoy what you are putting into your body”.

After hearing that so many times, that saying really stuck with me. Why count calories when you can sit down and enjoy your food? Why are we so obsessed with counting calories in the United States?  I believe that counting calories and how prevalent it is in todays society is the stem of most girls unhealthy eating habits. Not only girls eating habits but all eating disorders as well. Counting calories puts people in a “prison”, when you stop counting calories people feel free and uplifted. So we must ask the next question, what can you do for yourself to break this unhealthy habit for a better ” being”?

There numerous steps you can take to achieve this new found freedom. Ditch labels. If you are an avid reader of labels, stop. This is your first mistake. Obviously you can read the ingredients but put an end to counting the calorie side! Eat what you want to eat. Savor what you are eating. Finally, eat fresh foods that catch your eye. The more vibrant the tastier!

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