Break the Routine

I would say that I eat out at least two or three times during the week. Now when picking a place to eat, I often find myself going to the same restaurants. Now it’s not the same restaurant every time I go out. I just have the same restaurants for every different type of food I want to eat. So having said this, I don’t really explore different restaurants to eat at. It’s hard to stray from a place to eat at when you know their food won’t be disappointing versus trying a new place to eat at.

Also eating with different people is often times a challenge. Going out to eat versus making food at home is very different and I often find myself comparing the two. But I have to stop doing that. When I cook at home, I like everything that I cook and I am not picky. When I go out to a restaurant, I am a very picky eater. So naturally, eating with other people is difficult for me. I often times don’t like the food that they choose.  

My challenge to myself this week is next time I go out, is to leave my expectations at the door and try to enjoy the food I am eating without any pre-existing expectations. I hope that by doing this, I am able to try new kinds of food as well as new restaurants. I hope this will break down the door for going out with friends.

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