Snack, Keep the Hangry Away

I am sure all of you are familiar with the term “hangry”. For those of you who don’t, follow me through this post. Imagine starting your day. You wake up late and have to rush through the door. You skip breakfast and head straight to the office. You get to work and you have a full day ahead of you. Hours pass by and you have to skip taking your lunch because you are swamped with work to do. The end of the day is finally getting closer and closer. You literally can’t wait to get home and eat the taco’s you were thinking about all day. You notice yourself becoming super irritable and end up snapping at everyone that crosses your path. Half an hour goes by and you have a major headache that can’t be relieved by taking advil. You finally get to drive home after work. It feels like you are going 100 miles down the road. You reach your drive way and before you know it, you’re eating those delicious tacos. Immediately after that, you are in a great mood. You feel limitless. Well the feeling of anger from being hungry is called being “hangry”.

I am your typical person who suffers from getting hangry at least two times a day, on a good day. I am constantly snacking. If I forget my snacks at home, I am doomed to have a bad day at school or work. I am constantly packing and buying new snacks to take care of my unofficial diagnosis of hangriness.

Here are some of my go to snacks that I highly recommend that will help get the job done to take care of your hangry symptoms throughout your day.

Kind Bars

Greek Yogurt

String cheese

Banana Chia Pod Cups

Mini Babybel Cheese wheels

My list can go on and on but hear me out. Do yourself and your coworkers a deal and take care of yourself. Don’t let yourself be so hungry that you become a hangry mess. Take it for me. PAck the snacks and keep the monster at bay!

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