Trader Joe’s: Game Changer

A lot of people shop at Safeway, Walmart and Raley’s. No doubt that they offer a great variety of products that are sufficient for your everyday cooking needs. However, a lot of people overlook Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s has actually risen to my the top of my list of where to go grocery shopping. I know it kind of has the stigma of a hoity toity place to go grocery shopping but I need a little bit of that in my life.

It has risen to the top of my list for numerous reasons. I believe that Trader Joe’s is the best place to buy FRESH vegetables. Might I add that they are fresh with the lowest price. Not only do they have better vegetables but they have healthier snack options as well. Add onto that better pre-made meals.

Let’s say I shop at Safeway versus Trader Joe’s. My shopping receipt from Safeway will be much more expensive versus my receipt at Trader Joe’s. All the things I buy from Safeway just don’t have the same quality versus buying from Trader Joe’s. Why pay more for worse quality?

When walking into Trader Joe’s, I immediately feel like I have my life together. I don’t know if its the welcoming workers or just the vibe in the actual store, but I feel like I can take my time and actually browse through the isles versus shopping in Safeway where the soccer mom is going to ask you to move out of her way 100 times during your shopping visit. Have you ever noticed that the workers at Trader Joe’s always have smiles on their faces? And then when you look at Safeway workers they always look like they are counting the minutes till the end of their shift. I know it’s weird to say but if you are having a weird day, just go to Trader Joe’s, you’ll immediately feel better. Take a moment to smell their flowers and get out of your funk! Start shopping!

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