Coffee, Is it Worth the Buzz?

When you wake up, what’s the first thing you think of?  For me its grabbing my first cup of coffee for the day. In fact I am sitting in a coffee shop, drinking a cup of coffee as I am writing this. To function during my day, I have to consume at least three cups of coffee. That’s not okay.

I hop out of bed, go downstairs, and put the coffee maker on. I get ready for my day and by the time I am ready, my coffee is ready to go. Next I eat my breakfast and drink a second cup of coffee. I go to the library and when I am two hours into my studying, I have to have a third cup of coffee. It’s the most unhealthy obsession.I know it might not be the same for everybody but everyone I have talked to, say they have to have at least one cup of coffee a day.  What’s wrong with the picture? I drink more coffee than I do water. 

I tend to be a big coffee shop hermit. While I am doing work or studying, I look around and I notice that there are regulars like me. I see the same people about three to four times a week. We are all connected through our unhealthy habit. Drinking coffee. When I drink coffee I notice that I am jittery and my attention span gets out of focus. I am literally bouncing off of the walls. From coffee. Lately I have been noticing how different I act when drinking coffee versus drinking tea or another substitute. I found that when I drink tea versus coffee, I can fall asleep easier, I don’t have weird dreams and I have more of an appetite. So I know the benefits of not drinking coffee but I can’t seem to break away from the habit.

I decided to write about coffee for my blog post today because I am going to start a 90 day challenge and I urge you to join. Today, this will be my last cup of coffee for 90 days. I will be switching over to tea instead of indulging in my three times a day habit. I urge you to join me in my challenge. Something to ask yourself if you are just as obsessed with coffee as I am, are you up for the challenge?

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