Breakfast, Should you skip it?

We currently live in a world where you have to be on the go 24/7 or else you might miss out on something. In the morning we often grab a banana or just the simply cup of coffee before we go off to start our busy day ahead. What’s wrong with this picture? People eating breakfast is a habit that might become extinct. I know its bold to say but think about it. Sure you might go out for brunch with your friends on the weekends, but how many of you actually take the time to make a healthy breakfast before you leave for work? Isn’t just grabbing a banana easier than pulling out a frying pan to cook some eggs?

So we tackle the idea of should we be skipping breakfast? A lot of people say that breakfast isn’t that important. Well I say it is. Don’t you want to feed your brain and be recharged completely before going off to your 8-5 job? How can you sit down at a desk and focus on your work when your tummy is grumbling. There things you can do to shorten your breakfast routine but still reap the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast to get you jump started on your day.

Take, overnight oats. Something so simple yet so healthy for you! When I know I’m going to have a busy morning and  won’t have time to cook my usual breakfast, I make overnight oats! Healthy, delicious and put your grumbles away. All you need to do is prep it the night before and your set for the morning! Another thing I like to have is loaded protein shakes if I am in a rush. Having a protein shake is a healthy alternative to succumbing to the usual cup of coffee. Its a meal in a cup! It will usually hold you over until lunch time and you get the same energy and protein as you would from eating a regular breakfast.

Both are healthy alternatives for the struggling college student or even the busy business person. Challenge yourself one morning. My call to action is put down the coffee. Put down the banana. Start making shakes and overnight oats. This simple change in your morning routine will prepare you to start your day on the right foot!

Listed below are just a few of my favorite go to recipes for overnight oats and protein shakes!


– 2 cups spinach

-2 cups almond milk

-1 banana

-1 tbsp honey

Mix together and enjoy!

Overnight oats:

-½ cup old fashioned oats

-½ cup milk

-¼ cup yogurt

-berries to taste

Add in a jor from top to bottom on the list, place in fridge. Dig in once the sun rises!

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