Eating Stinky Cheese: 101

Before entering college, my palate was introduced to a multitude of diverse flavors. It became an obsession. This new found love of mine was not everyone’s favorite. My new found love was different than most. It was my love for cheese. Now hear me out, not all cheese is stinky. However, in my opinion the stinkier the cheese, the better.

I decided to write this post because my lovely roommate hates cheese. How could anyone hate cheese? She even hates Brie! When I asked her what was wrong with her, how could she not like cheese? She simply replied with, growing up I was never introduced to it so I don’t like it as much as you do. She also added that you have to have an acquired taste to like “fancy cheese” as she calls it. So this sparked a big question in my mind, do all people believe that you have to have an acquired taste to like cheese? After mulling over this question, I came to the conclusion that no you do not have to have an acquired taste to like fancy cheese.

It is uncommon for people in college to have cheese and wine nights but this is where I broke the barrier to test this question I mulled over from a couple of days ago. I invited my friends over and started my experiment. They all came over for our weekly wine night but this time I had made a cheese and meat platter to pair with the wine. The platter consisted of brie, camembert, goat cheese, gouda, manchego and a couple of other cheeses, some stinky ones thrown into the mix. Along with the basic charcuterie of meats.

As the night progressed, I noticed that almost all of the cheese was gone.  Specifically the blue cheese that I had available with fig jam. My experiment was very successful. I introduced new cheeses to a group of people that have never had been introduced to these kinds of cheeses before. When the night came to an end, I asked everyone what they thought of the cheese provided. I specifically was paying attention to my roommate who had previously said that she doesn’t like fancy cheese. When I asked the question, she simply smiled and that’s when I knew I changed her view on cheese forever.

See the issue with fancy cheese is that a lot of people are afraid to try it. They are afraid to go into the unknown of stinky cheese. The key to stinky cheese is to know what to pair it with. So next time you walk through the cheese section of your local grocery store, don’t be afraid to pick up some cheese with a bottle of wine!

Get a pen and paper out because here are some pairings that I urge you to try.

-Rioja with Manchego

-Cabernet with Gouda

-Pinot Noir with Brie

-Suavignon Blanc with Goat cheese

The list goes on!!!

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