Going Gluten Free, is it actually Beneficial?

Lately there has been the new trend of going gluten free. Now some of you don’t know what gluten is in the first place. Gluten is a substance found in wheat that is responsible for elasticizing the texture. So by going “gluten free”, you are essentially taking out gluten of your daily diet. It’s supposed to be a game changer.

Since it’s so popular, I decided to do my own experiment on this. I going gluten free for four days and here are the results. Since I have a busy schedule, I often meal prep on Sundays, in order to save myself some time in the kitchen when I know I am going to have a big week ahead of me. This was one of my weeks. With the challenge of going gluten free in mind while going grocery shopping, I decided to buy my first ever “zoodle” maker. I also bought the staple of veggies and fruits but instead of buying my go to pasta, I just added more zucchini to the cart. When I got home, I decided to break open the zoodle maker and tackle meal prepping. I found that the cooking time for zoodles is very quick. Three to five minutes tops. This just made meal prepping a whole lot easier. Zoodles also go with everything. You can make a light sauce with them, or you can pair it with a creamy vodka sauce like I did!

Fast track a couple days and I kid you not, I felt different. I know I only went gluten free for a couple of days but the main thing I noticed was the fact that I was less sluggish and more alert. I urge everyone to try this experiment out yourselves and see how it benefits your body. Although I intended this to be a short experiment, I think that I am going to continue going gluten free for a couple weeks or so.

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