College Eating Habits, the Stigma

Being in college, there is often the stigma that college students can’t cook, or even don’t have the time to cook healthy meals. During my freshman year in college, I found myself falling into the stigma, choosing to eat something quick that gets the job done before hitting the library. Come my sophomore year I was living in a new place and finally had a kitchen to cook in. This was my time to break the stigma. I switched from eating greasy and unhealthy foods in the universities food court to cooking well-balanced meals that completely changed my mindset and put me in a better place. Within weeks, I was set back on track and nothing could stop me, all due to my cooking.

I make it a point to take an hour or two out of my busy schedule to get into the kitchen and cook a healthy meal for myself. I find that this time cooking and enjoying music in the back ground really puts me at ease. This is where it clicks. These few hours completely take the stress of my day away. Between studying and doing projects for school, I am literally counting down the time till I can step into my kitchen, turn on music and cook away. Needless to say, cooking is my stress relief. Most people would go to the gym when stressed out, but lets be honest who really likes running?

With all of that said, to those of you who are stressed out and have no idea how to unwind, try cooking! At first it will be hard to set away time specifically for cooking but the reward is great. Also by setting away time for cooking you are ensuring your body that you will put something healthy into it. Not just the quick “Qudoba”. As cheesy as it may sound, your body is your temple. So feed it good things and you will feel ten times healthier.


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